“Had no idea that Harry’s new girlfriend was biracial”- Royal Author Defends King Charles III Over Racist Accusations by Meghan Markle

“Had no idea that Harry’s new girlfriend was biracial”- Royal Author Defends King Charles III Over Racist Accusations by Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shocked the House of Windsor by putting racist allegations. In their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2020, the Duke and Duchess claimed that a member of the royal family expressed their concern to the prince regarding the skin color of their firstborn

The Sussexes refused to reveal the name of the royal member as they believed that it would be very damaging. However, speculations are rife that Prince Harry can finally make the big revelation in his upcoming memoir, Spare. The Palace is extremely concerned about the same as it can brutally affect the image of the royal household. Ahead of the image-demeaning threat, royal author Christopher Andersen has defended King Charles III. 

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Anderson reflects on King Charles III’s first impression of Meghan Markle

In his book The King: The Life of Charles III, Christopher Andersen has shed light on what Charles thought about Meghan Markle during their first interaction. The royal author revealed that Prince Harry introduced his girlfriend to his father and Camilla in 2016 and they were extremely welcoming to the former American actress.

King Charles III found Meghan completely charming and absolutely delightful. He was happy for his younger son and it was days after their meeting that he realized that Markle was a woman of color. 

“After returning from Botswana that fall, Harry introduced Meghan to his father and Camilla. At the time, Prince Charles had no idea that Harry’s new girlfriend was biracial,” the book mentioned as quoted by Newsweek

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Further, in the book, Anderson mentioned how Queen Elizabeth was strictly against any kind of discrimination. The author claimed that the late monarch was free from any kind of prejudice, despite meeting people from different races, castes, ethnicities, and religions throughout her life.

Prince Philip, on the other hand, was guilty of using the offensive N-word quite frequently. However, he gave up the slang after 1970. In their interview, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle clearly mentioned that Queen and Prince Philip were not the ones to pass racist remarks on the former actress and Archie

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