Gwendoline Christie and Her Lucifer Costume in ‘The Sandman’ Has a Special Connection

Gwendoline Christie and Her Lucifer Costume in ‘The Sandman’ Has a Special Connection

Netflix has outdone itself with the adaptation of the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman. The Sandman is finally here, and the DC fandom has loved the series. A fantasy turned to screen, we saw a myriad of the unique recurring cast and their characters throughout the season. Tom as Morpheus/Sandman, or Dream as you call him, has taken all the Greek mythology and comic nerds in by a blow. Gwendoline Christie took up the role of a frequent dark guest in the Western culture called Lucifer Morningstar. The fallen angel was once the ruler of hell and has created complete chaos.

But here’s a fun fact about Christie’s costume that gave her the perfect look of the Queen of demons. Let’s tell you what it was!

Gwendoline Christie’s partner Giles Deacon designed her Gothic leather look

Apart from the wonderful acting and the gender-swapped role, what attracted fan attention to The Sandman’s Lucifer is her costume and wings. Her costumes were eye-grabbing, and people absolutely loved them. Well, turns out that Christie shares a special connection to her clothes in the show. Her demonic look on screen was created by her partner, Giles Deacon. The designer has been weaving magic for ages, but this time this was a straight-up class act. The actress says her inspiration for Lucifer, aka Satan, came from “Treachery With a Smile on its Face.” With a bold and confident charisma, Christie wore a hell of a suit with a perfect 80’ haircut and a calm yet dominant gait.

Although the series has altered a lot of characters and gender roles which many find a bit weird, others have loved the transition as it brings in a departure from the emotional and physical powerhouse of stereotypes. Moreover, considering how the Lucifer in comics is based on David Bowie, they wanted an androgynous look because angels have no gender. All of this forethought and Deacon’s expertise helped Christie nail her role.

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Gwendoline Christie is a shapeshifter for real

We hope they do another season, so we see more from her. Gwendoline Christie’s character is, in a way, an amalgamation of characters from Game of Thrones and Star wars. With such great loyalty to the comics and a keen eye for details, Christie knocked off the statuesque satan’s character.

Streamers are awestruck by the hyper-realistic and gut-wrenching social truths that The Sandman has brought into the global spotlight. The fantasy series is already number 1 in 89 countries on Netflix upon premiere. This is the power and potential of art: to educate, defamiliarize and reorient while entertaining.

The Sandman is currently streaming on Netflix yet

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