Guillermo del Toro And Netflix’s Tie up For a Spine Tingling Horror, ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Comes With An Experimental Release Schedule

Guillermo del Toro And Netflix’s Tie up For a Spine Tingling Horror, ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Comes With An Experimental Release Schedule

As that time of the year is nearing when the streets get spooky and people transform into spine-tingling creatures, the streaming services also get a little scary. Yes, we are indeed talking about Halloween and all of its traditions in its entirety. Netflix sure knows how to capitalize on such occasions. The preparations begin some two months prior to the Allhallows weekend. From combing down the plethora of titles they already have to adding some new bees, the streaming giant does everything in its power to provide its audience with a rather spooktacular time. And this time around, it is certainly in the mood to go big. Netflix has teamed up with the true master of horrors, Guillermo del Toro to bring a brand new anthology series called Cabinet of Curiosities to the platform.

Coming to challenge our notions of what true horror is, the eight-part series sure will bring some blood-curdling terrors. Although there’s not much information out as of now, we do know one thing about the series’ release schedule, and it is a rather interesting one. Debuting its first 2 episodes on October 25, it will drop the other episodes in sets of 2 every day till the 28th of the same month. While the streaming giant is known for its binge-first approach, this way of releasing a series is a rare exception. But why did Netflix adopt such a strategy? Let’s figure it out.

Netflix’s release schedule of the new horror show by Guillermo Del Toro could hint at some major changes

While Netflix certainly takes pleasure in marketing its daily, weekly, and monthly Top 10 rundowns with shows garnering a million minutes’ viewing time, Cabinet of Curiosities is probably here to bring a change. Since 2022 brought the first large subscriber loss in Netflix’s history, it’s likely that the horror series is a part of a larger plan to try alternative methods of providing content to fans around the world at a time when Netflix is looking into putting advertising into the mix.

Notably, for some unscripted shows on the streaming service, like Love Is Blind and Too Hot to Handle, staggered episode drops have been used. However, it is unknown how effective this scheduling will be. Nevertheless, the fact that they split the fourth season of Stranger Things into two parts may have been a sign that further adjustments were coming. And well, there is no better test subject for that sort of stuff than a horror project.

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