Guess Who Inspired the Hat Jaskier Wears in the Witcher?

Guess Who Inspired the Hat Jaskier Wears in the Witcher?

There is something about the costumes from fantasy dramas, isn’t it? One can be so mesmerized by the fashion they see in these shows that they might just make a cosplay costume for themselves. But what if we told you that one of these iconic characters actually took inspiration from a cartoon? That’s right, our very own Jaskier from The Witcher has been inspired by none other than Puss in Boots.

Netflix indeed gave us a true blessing with The Witcher. While the show has many interesting characters to offer, there is one man who has taken the world by storm: the Bard, Jaskier. There is just so much to love about him; his singing, dancing, the habit of joking around in the most serious situations, and his amazing dressing sense.

Who was the inspiration behind the hat Jaskier wears in The Witcher?

It takes months of work and dedication to create a piece of clothing, but more important than that entire process is the inspiration that goes behind it. And that inspiration is the toughest thing to find. Lucky for our Bard, there is a certain someone called Puss.

The Witcher icon Jaskier and Puss have a lot in common. For starters, they both love a wonderful adventure. They both love to sing & perform and, of course, they both have a wonderful fashion sense. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the former had a touch of the latter’s style in his fashion statement.

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The most notable thing from Jaskier’s appearance in season 2 was his new hat. Jaskier performed his new single “Burn Butcher Burn” donning that beautiful headgear. It is likely that readers will find it familiar, like Dandelion, Jaskier’s alter ego in the books is known for donning a hat. However, the producers took the liberty to change its appearance a little, and give it a more cowboy-like appearance inspired by Puss in Boots.

The Witcher anyway has been an aesthetically pleasing show. The costumes, the makeup, everything just makes it something to behold. It was clear as we saw a complete transformation of Ciri and her looks. We are hoping to see more of Jaskier in the upcoming The Witcher seasons, which are supposedly going to be 7 in total.

What do you think of Jaskier’s Puss in Boots-inspired hat? Let us know in the comments below!


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