“Great honor to be asked back”- Arnold Schwarzenegger Teased Sequel of His 1987 Action Thriller

“Great honor to be asked back”- Arnold Schwarzenegger Teased Sequel of His 1987 Action Thriller

With Tom Cruise raking in billions at the box office with the sequel to his hit 1980’s flick, Top Gun, more stars are considering sequels to their old blockbusters. Will Smith, for example, is reportedly going to star in I Am Legend 2 alongside Michael B Jordan. And now Arnold Schwarzenegger is also interested in developing Running Man 2. 

The dystopian sci-fi action thriller was a major hit in 1987. It was loosely based on the novel by Stephen King, which was written under his pseudonym Richard Bachman. 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger considering Running Man 2

The 80s produced too many blockbusters including Running Man. The film follows Ben Richards who was accused of the same massacre that he tried to stop. He was then forced to participate in a deadly game show hosted by Damon Killian. Richards had to navigate the treacherous while he tried to stay alive from the attacks of the deadly Gladiators and Buzzsaw.

The former governor recently revealed his inclination to star in the sequel. “There’s rumblings of a new Running Man movie, so it’s a great honor to be asked back,” he said. Although this is not the first time he has brought up the subject. He had previously spoken about it during the promotions of Terminator Genisys. He had also mentioned returning to his role in Twins

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Interestingly, according to Deadline Edgar Wright is also working on a sequel to the action thriller. Although we do not know yet whether Arnold Schwarzenegger is attached to it or not. What we do know is that it is closer to the source material.

According to the books Richards was not forced to participate in the game. Instead, he volunteered to feed his family. The game took place across the country. And there were no Buzzsaw or Gladiators, there were hitmen chasing him throughout the game. Edgar might rope in Arnold for the sequel because you cannot create Running Man 2 without the lead! And he has already shown an interest in reprising the role.

What do you think about the former Governor returning to acting and working on a sequel to Running Man?

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