‘Grace and Frankie’ Final Episodes – Netflix Release Date, Synopsis, Cast, Expectations, and What Lies Ahead

‘Grace and Frankie’ Final Episodes – Netflix Release Date, Synopsis, Cast, Expectations, and What Lies Ahead

When the announcement that a show will be ending soon hits fans, it really makes them sad but highly excited at the same time. There may be reasons we don’t understand why a great and genuinely funny show like Grace and Frankie has to end. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited about the last episodes.

And now that Netflix has asked us to set a date for Grace and Frankie’s last encounter, we are nothing but eager to stream the episodes. But when will the final episodes stream on Netflix? Let us find out.

Grace and Frankie for the final time

As the titular characters, we have Oscar winner Jane Fonda and Emmy winner Lily Tomlin feature. Grace and Frankie are two ladies who are forced to live together when their husbands decide to divorce them. Grace and Frankie’s tumultuous breakup helps to bring them together in a comedy of errors.

Throughout the show’s seven seasons, the two ladies create a strong emotional bond. We’ve followed Grace and Frankie’s exploits for six and a half seasons as they banded together to get through their divorces, get back on their feet, and start a new life. That trip is now drawing to a close.

A testament to the show’s success is that Grace and Frankie is the longest-running Netflix Original, with a total of 94 episodes after the release of season seven second part.

In a tweet, Netflix announced that the final 12 episodes of the show will start streaming only on Netflix from April 29th.

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Expectations of the people

After eight months of waiting since the first four episodes of season 7 premiered, the audience has high expectations for the last episodes. And now that Netflix was announced the release date for the final episodes, people are showing their excitement to the fullest to Twitter. Some of the tweets are given below:

What can we expect in the last episodes?

We leave the ladies in the last episode when Nick was freed from jail and placed on house arrest. Grace isn’t happy, as she had hoped he’d spend a few more years behind bars.

Meanwhile, Nwabudike was going to have his rabbi perform an at-home circumcision, while Sol and Robert’s house was broken into, and Coyote decided to sell his Sacagawea coin to buy a house.

So it will be interesting to see how the new season starts with so much going on.

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