Good King Harry! Not Only the Sussex Fam but Princess Diana Also Had This Beautiful Nickname for Prince Harry

Good King Harry! Not Only the Sussex Fam but Princess Diana Also Had This Beautiful Nickname for Prince Harry

Relationships between the Sussexes and the ones at The House of Windsor are persistently strained and we know why. Since time immemorial, while the Palace expects all of its members to abide by the Royal protocols, many do break out. And the aftermath results in the royals terminating one of their own as happened in the case of the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry. But was he the first?

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Ages before the Prince decided to take matters into his own hand, his mother, the legendary Princess Diana had already laid the foundations for his son by breaking social norms and stereotypical ways of the UK Sovereign. Moreover, more than her eldest, Prince Harry was and always has been closer to Lady Diana in terms of thoughts or actions. 

Credits: Imago

One of the prime pieces of evidence to substantiate the same was a special nickname given to the Duke by his late mother. As reported by Marie Claire, a royal commentator Charles Rae who is quite accustomed to the royals and their ways has disclosed the name to us. The commentator says, “Diana dubbed GKH (Good King Harry)…”And the reasons could not have been clearer. 

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Rae says the late Princess of Wales was of the opinion that her youngest, Prince Harry was better equipped for the role to be the future King. In fact, “It was also used to make Harry feel that extra special,” the commentator added. The overwhelming connection between the Duke and his late mother became all the more evident through this tell-all memoir and bombshell docuseries. Hence, this does not come as a surprise. 

What were the other royal nicknames for Prince Harry (and Prince William)?

Speaking of nicknames, further digging into Prince Harry’s Spare, it became evident that the Duke refers to his elder brother, the Prince of Wales, William as Willy. And the future king calls his now estranged brother, not Harry but “Harold” as his actual name. Nonetheless, her unique nickname to the Duke still goes strong as Twitter is all for it even today keeping aside Prince William. 

Talking about Prince William, has yet another amusing nickname coined by his father, King Charles, and mother, Princess Diana. They affectionately called their eldest, “Wombat” with W aligning with the W in William. It was reportedly given to him by Princess Diana herself. 

How did you like Princess Diana’s nickname for Prince Harry? Do you concur with the same? Let us know in the comments below.

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