Gogo Morrow Goes Candid About Her “Spiritual Experience” With Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir

Gogo Morrow Goes Candid About Her “Spiritual Experience” With Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir

The ‘Donda’ Rapper Kanye West definitely has a lot going on with him but his music endeavors can never cease to inspire young minds. Although he is down the trajectory of his professional life at the moment, none of it defines his potential for music, especially rap. The 24 times Grammy-Award-winner has established himself as a giant in the industry with his rap verse still going strong despite his business downfall. The same has become a source of inspiration to a newbie in the field, Gogo Morrow. 

Amidst all controversies, it is no surprise that Ye still got people who consider him an icon. In a recent interview, the rising star, Gogo Morrow, talks about her professional career as a whole and it seems like she is not over Kanye West’s Sunday service choir yet.

As reported by rnbphilly, Gogo Morrow recently caught the attention of the ‘Donda’ Rapper, Kanye West. She reportedly had the opportunity to sing in his Sunday service choir and it was an unforgettable experience, says the star. “It was a very spiritual experience at times,” she says while also adding how sermons did not move her in church as a kid. For them, it was always the music. 

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The host could not hold back asking her about the overwhelming choir performance at Ye’s. Speaking of the same and how she looks up to the rapper, Kanye West, Morrow said, “Kanye understood the value and importance of music…” In brief, she could grasp how the rapper knows that music can affect your mood and brain cells. The star was also quick to realize that it is “literally” a science. 

Gogo Morrow on her journey so far

The music artist recently got her new album, ‘Ready’, taking over the internet. She thus stopped by to talk about various hardships that she faced in her journey as a rising star. Philadelphia also shared how she is now being recognized by global entities and undoubtedly so, it had been an experience worth all of it for Morrow. 

When asked about her future career strategies, the young star went candid on how she is not even near where she sees herself in the future. “I haven’t arrived…I feel like my journey is longer,” affirmed the star in her recent interview. Earlier in the interview, Morrow also talked of the entire journey of moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. 

What are your views about the Philadelphia rising star? Have you listened to her latest album yet? Tell us more in the comments below. 

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