“Go FU*K yourselves”: Newly Turned Soccer Team Owner Ryan Reynolds Loses It When Asked About the Off-Side Rule of the Game

“Go FU*K yourselves”: Newly Turned Soccer Team Owner Ryan Reynolds Loses It When Asked About the Off-Side Rule of the Game

Ryan Reynolds never has and probably never will shy away from snarky responses. No matter what one asks him, they can either expect brutal honesty or an obscure reference to something seemingly unrelated. Either way, there is never a dull moment with the Deadpool actor around. Even a simple question about soccer can leave you in fits of laughter.

Ryan Reynolds is one of the few movie stars who ventures into several avenues apart from acting. Consequently, Reynolds now owns a Welsch soccer team with business partner Rob McElhenney called Wrexham AFC. They even produced a documentary series about their journey into this new world of club owners called Welcome to Wrexham. But do the Red Notice star, and his business partner, McElhenneny, from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia even know the rules of the game? Let us find out.

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Ryan Reynolds doesn’t know Soccer’s off-side rule

In a fun video with GQ, soccer club owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney ask each other European football (soccer) questions to test their knowledge about the game. Like any fair trivia-based challenge, the quiz starts with a coin toss to determine who goes first. With the coin in Rob’s favor, he decides to pose the first question.

Ryan has to “explain off-side in eleven words or less.” An utterly exasperated Reynolds exclaimed, “Nobody knows what fu*king off-side is. Nobody.” According to The Adam Project actor, even the referees are clueless about this rule. He ended his response with a frustrated, “go fu*k yourselves.” to everyone involved with the question.

If you think the real-life ‘merc with a mouth‘ got the last word, just this once, you might be wrong. Rob McElhenney waited for Ryan to get done with his temper tantrum and calmly said, “That’s about eleven words.” The statement deservedly received uproarious applause as they moved on with the game.

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Do you know the exact rules of the off-side in soccer? Explain it to us in eleven words or fewer. Perhaps even Ryan Reynolds can learn a thing or two. In the meantime, you can watch The Adam Project streaming on Netflix.

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