‘Glitch’ on Netflix: Is the Korean Drama Really Worth Your Time?

‘Glitch’ on Netflix: Is the Korean Drama Really Worth Your Time?

Not a season can go by without Netflix releasing a K-drama that catches the eye of the world. This time, it was the experimental female-centric sci-fi kdrama Glitch. A South Korean heiress and a North Korean soldier, an immortal Goblin and his wife, a royal mermaid and a con artist, we have seen a lot of eccentric combinations in Kdrama. However, Glitch scores 100% when it comes to being unique.

Where else have you seen a religious cult, a meeting with the aliens, and two amazing female leads in action in one kdrama? Glitch Korean drama on Netflix is like a parallel of a dish that is cooked up from the most exquisite spices from around the world, but you are not sure if you want a bite. We have listed down the good and bad aspects of the series in no particular order so that you can decide for yourself whether to watch it or not.

What is Glitch Korean drama on Netflix about?

Directed by Roh Deok, the mastermind behind Very Ordinary couple, this kdrama presents something out of the ordinary. It follows Hong Ji Hyo. Furthermore, ever since she was young, Ji Hyo has learned to live by the book. She scored well, got a reputed job, and stuck with one boyfriend for four year years. And when the time and the inquisitive glances came, she decided to get married to him. However, someone above (literally) had different plans.

Ji Hyo’s boyfriend suddenly disappears in a pool of light. In a quest to look for her missing boyfriend she meets her unhinged schoolmate Heo Bo Ra. Not much has changed for Heo Bo Ra, except the fact that now she is a streamer with a firm belief in aliens.

Is it worth the watch?

Glitch is written by Jin Han Sae. The genius who wrote the mind-blowing kdrama about a top student’s off-campus life, Extracurricular. A major aspect behind why everyone developed an interest in the kdrama was because of its cast. Glitch on Netflix has a main cast consisting of only female actors.

Over the years, experiments with an all-female cast have been successful. Mine on Netflix is a prime example. Not to mention, that this was no ordinary casting. This kdrama brought together Jeon Yeo Been who has been a favorite ever since Vincenzo and the formed Kpop idol Nana together.

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So it goes without saying that the brilliant performances and the unique cinematography were dazzling enough to overshadow everything. The action, comedy, and chemistry made up for the lack of explanations. The kdrama drifts from the conventional plots and brings you something special. Check it out on Netflix.


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