Gabi Butler Answers Fans’ Questions About ‘Cheer’ On Netflix

Gabi Butler Answers Fans’ Questions About ‘Cheer’ On Netflix

Netflix’s documentary series Cheer recently came out with its second season, and it has really become the talk of the town. Everyone is thrilled about watching the series that takes them inside the world of competitive cheerleading. Cheer fame Gabi Butler recently hosted a little Q&A on her Instagram, answering her fans’ questions.

Documentaries like Cheer give fans an opportunity to get introduced to new talents to follow. One gets to know their role models and what better way to do that than asking some questions to them yourself? Let us look at some of the amazing answers from the exquisite Gabi Butler of Cheer Netflix.

Gabi Butler of Cheer hosted a Q&A for her fans

A few days ago, Gabi Butler took to Instagram and asked her fans if they had questions for her about Netflix’s Cheer. Predictably, fans had a ton of questions, and they flooded Gabi’s question sticker on Instagram. However, she was kind enough to take out some time from her schedule and answer some questions in a YouTube video.

The questions asked were about both seasons of Cheer on Netflix. So, with no further ado, let’s get started.

Gabi answers questions about both the seasons of the Netflix documentary

One fan asked Gabi what was her favorite memory from her four long years at Navarro? On or off Netflix.

To which she replied, “That’s a really tough one cause I have had a lot of great memories here. I will have to say 2019 when all of us came in for a meeting; we were like- screaming and yelling at each other. But it was just cause we had a lot of stuff on our mind. And then at the end of it, we were all like laughing and just hugging each other. Like, even though we fight like brothers and sisters, we love like brothers and sisters. Yeah, that was my favorite memory. Just cause I felt like we had so much passion behind everything and we really just came together. Even though it was a little rough at first, we all just left there, basically just being even stronger.

The second fan, however, was very direct with her questions. She asked, “Which season was harder to shoot and why?”

Gabi said that for her, the second season was much harder to shoot than the first one. According to her, during the filming of the second season, a lot was going on in their lives outside of practice. They faced many obstacles in life. She said that the fans will witness all this themselves as they stream Cheer Season 2.

More questions answered by Gabi Butler about Cheer

One question in the video asked about whether Lexi will return for season 2 of the Netflix Documentary.

Butler confirmed Lexi’s return on the show. She said, “She does come back for season 2, yes. But she’s in only 2020 and maybe a little bit of 2021.

“How long does it take to film one season?” read one question.

Butler was kind enough to explain the entire procedure of the shoot. She explained, “A lot of people think they filmed from the very beginning of the season to the very end. But they actually come in the second semester. So, while the docu-series was being filmed, they maybe came once or twice for like a few days during the first semester. But they mainly film the whole, entire second semester. So, they are pretty much there every day throughout the second semester.”

Want to see Gabi Butler answer more questions about Cheer? Check the video below:

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