From Working for the “Vegan Queen” to Laboring for Her, What Do Pure Food and Wine Employees Think About Netflix’s ‘Bad Vegan’?

From Working for the “Vegan Queen” to Laboring for Her, What Do Pure Food and Wine Employees Think About Netflix’s ‘Bad Vegan’?

Netflix knows what people want. Ever since the premiere of the Bad Vegan, a Netflix documentary that sheds light on what happened to the celebrity restaurateur, Sarma Melngailis, viewers are intrigued to know more about the people who were working at Pure Food And Wine then. Let’s see what they had to say about their ex-boss.

Bonnie: “Seems like death in a way” 

According to all the employees, the workspace was extremely positive. Sarma was apparently a very supportive boss. They all have fond memories there, meeting celebrities ranging from President Bill Clinton, Stevie Wonder, Magician David Blaine, Woody Harrelson to Rue McClanahan. Looking back at it, Joey Repice says, “There was so much more than just a job that was lost in that place.” Joey worked there for 10 years. He launched his hot sauce, Joey’s Hot Sauce after moving to Oregon.

Bonnie, the previous manager of Pure Food And Wine said that the end felt like death. She is now a funeral coordinator and a proud mother of two cats. But the documentary did leave her with many more questions. She is living in California with her husband. 

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Nikki, an ex Executive Chef, expressed that Sarma could have reached out to them. Nikki is doing well for herself. Now she’s has a consultancy firm called Mostly Vegan. 

How did the employees feel about the Bad Vegan series on Netflix? 

Joey confessed that some parts were difficult for him to watch. Nick, a former floor manager, couldn’t believe how brainwashed Sarma was. He couldn’t digest Anthony’s grand promises of immortality. Moreover, 10 months in Vegas was too much a stretch for him. Nikki still believes that there’s still a lot more to uncover and this isn’t the end of the story. 

Sarma fooled Nikki as well. She introduced Anthony Strangis as an investor. Jim, who just started school at the Oregon State University, didn’t mince his words about his ex-employer in the video. After Sarma scammed her own staff, they were left without a job. Sarma didn’t show an ounce of empathy for her employees. Jim was an operations manager at Sharma’s restaurant and is now a baker. 

Bad Vegan is streaming on Netflix now.

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