From Wallflower To Popular Girl, Boo Bitch Gives Us An Obsessive Ghost With Erika Vu

From Wallflower To Popular Girl, Boo Bitch Gives Us An Obsessive Ghost With Erika Vu

You might be well known to our sweet and introvert Lara Jean Covey, who lives in her imaginary world from the renowned franchise of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, directed by Susan Johnson. Well, that girl isn’t shy anymore she is the talk of the town and a famous internet influencer in Boo, Bitch.

Recently released teen sitcom Boo, Bitch stars Lana Condor and Zoe Colletti as best friends. This limited series follows Erika and Gia, who stake their lives to have the best time in the last two months of their Senior Year. However, an unfortunate accident changes their lives. Erika becomes a ghost and it turns out that she has some unfinished business. But this ghost is unlike any other; she is bitchy, interesting, and dramatic if she needs it.

Erika Vu becomes the most obsessive ghost in Boo, Bitch

In the very beginning of Boo, Bitch, we see Erika and Gia meeting with an accident, while walking home from a party. It is revealed the next morning that one of them is dead, and Gia motivates her friend they still have hope left. And Erika decides to become famous and seize every opportunity she gets to have an epic death. Consequently, her obsession with finding her identity in High School transforms her into a new person.

Moreover, she finally gets together with her crush, Jack C, but things fall short quickly as Erika’s desperation causes problems for them. Her hunger for maintaining her social image makes her a total snobbish b*tch. She even cancels the prom so she can stay in the mortal realm forever. In simpler words, Erika thinks she is running out of time and attempts to save herself.

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And people start hating her for her selfish behavior, as she ignores everyone close to her, including her bestie Gia and her lovely parents, who have always supported her. However, this transformation is a hell of a ride where she is seen in fashionable clothes and glittery eyeliners.

Meanwhile, Lana Condor has played the messed-up embodiment of teenage identity crisis, depicting how an inexperienced teenager can do unbelievable things just to become famous. For instance, she starts spending so much money to get more subscribers on social media. She even befriends the meanest girl in High School just to remain in the limelight.

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Thereby hurting everyone, she was once close to because of the chaotic circumstances she faced in her life. But the good news is all is well that ends well as she apologies to everyone, in the end, making amends with her friends. Boo, Bitch is currently running in the Top 10 on the streamer. Go take a look. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this unique ghost?

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