From ‘Stranger Things’ To ‘Bridgerton’, Here’s How The Actors Would Say ‘I Love You’ In Different Emotions

From ‘Stranger Things’ To ‘Bridgerton’, Here’s How The Actors Would Say ‘I Love You’ In Different Emotions

Netflix has a way of giving us series that are emotional and heartwarming. Talking about Stranger Things, we have so far seen how Mike and Eleven’s relationship flourished and grew. Even though they are kids, you can feel the growth they had in season 4. Despite being in a long-distance relationship, they managed to tell each other “I love you” without actually having to say so.

On the other hand, Netflix’s Bridgerton executed the “enemies-to-lovers” trope so well. The chemistry between lovers in the show was palpable but what got our attention was Anthony’s unique way of saying “I love you” to Kate in one of the defining moments of season 2. If you didn’t get the drift, today we are focusing on all the I Love Yous in different Netflix series. So get ready to experience some butterflies in your stomach.

From ‘Stranger Things’ “I say that” to You’s “I Wolf you”

A YouTube shorts video surfaced recently featuring heartfelt I Love You moments from different Netflix shows. The first clip has Otis sending a voicemail to Maeve expressing his love and pride which made our hearts warm since we know he is a straightforward guy. Sometimes, it is hard to see how much he cares, but he makes sure he is very clear about his emotions.

Next up is the pure form of love that best friends share as we see Gia hugging Erika and expressing her love with a tight hug and a passionate ‘I love you.’ Following this wholesome moment is Stranger Things’ Eleven and Mike, who are in the middle of an argument over Mike not saying the three words enough. Despite the turbulent emotions, the love between them finds expression in “it.”

Moving on, we also have Bridgerton. Here, it is the opposite. Characters show emotions so openly and so eloquently. For example, if you see Anothy, he says things like “You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires”. We don’t know about Kate but we feel so overwhelmed by everything that comes out of his mouth.

Lastly, we have Joe and Love from You. Now, these characters are so alike. Instead of saying I love you, they just go around killing people for their love. It is their way of showing the other person how much they care. Being serial killers, they go around killing people, much like wolves. Hence, the iconic “I wolf you.”

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The way Netflix actors touch our hearts with or without ‘I love you’

Be it Stranger Things, Bridgerton and Sex Education, Netflix actors sure have a way to connect with its audience. Even though these are the main characters and their love stories, other actors in the same series tell us their stories differently. There are so many ways in which Netflix actors say ‘I love you’, without actually saying it, we find it hard to not watch these shows.

Whose way of saying I Love You did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

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