From SKIMS to SKKN BY KIM, Kim Kardashian Has Established Herself as a Multi-Million Dollar Brand, but How?

From SKIMS to SKKN BY KIM, Kim Kardashian Has Established Herself as a Multi-Million Dollar Brand, but How?

From starting a shapewear brand to now becoming one of the best-selling fashion pieces in the industry, Kim Kardashian has really paved her way in the beauty industry. The Kardashians, especially Kim, have been known for setting up new trends. Be it the lip liner, cat eye, hair extension madness, and also the craze for the hourglass body type can majorly be credited to the Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian, ex-wife to Kanye West, is the owner of one of the biggest fashion brands. Now she is putting her knowledge of skin wellness into SKNN BY KIM, which, as obvious by the banner, is skincare brought to you by Kim Kardashian. Rarely do we come across an interview with the Kardashians where they let their guard down, a shell built over spending years under media scrutiny, but goop host Gwyneth Paltrow managed to get it done. The reality tv star talked about her life had been shaping up for the SKKN BY KIM launch.

‘SKKN BY KIM’ is based on Kim Kardashian’s personal journey

Back in 2007 when Keeping Up With The Kardashians dropped its pilot episode, with a young 27-year-old Kim Kardashian just starting her career. The reality TV star, who is now 42 years old, has only gotten better with time. And despite the rollercoaster ride that her two decades in the limelight have been, there isn’t a sign of aging on the starlet’s face. Speaking to her new pal, Gwyneth Paltrow, on her  The goop Podcast, the star says, “I’ve tried everything..” when it comes to taking care of her skin. She further added, “I thought I have learned so much in my journey, and I have had the best facialists, the best aesthetician, tried every laser.”

Her devotion to maintaining beautiful skin and experience has shaped her multi-million-dollar skincare brand over the years. ” I wanted to bottle that up and take everything that I’ve worked and work with my favorite aesthetician… and develop products that are next level.” The starlet revealed about the thought process of her skincare brand.

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The fashion mogul who launched her skincare brand in what could be marked as the most aesthetic packaging yet has largely received great reviews.

Looks like her iconic business advice for women, “Get your f****ing a** up and work,” worked in her favor. Moreover, Kim Kardashian touched down on a fact that many have noticed about the star ever since the lockdown. She has toned down on her make-up. “I don’t wear as much make-up as I did now that I’ve got my skin improved.

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