From Prison to Escaping the Devil’s Demons: ‘The Cuphead Show’ Set to Return for Season 2 With More Thrill, Chaos, and Chalice

From Prison to Escaping the Devil’s Demons: ‘The Cuphead Show’ Set to Return for Season 2 With More Thrill, Chaos, and Chalice

Today is your lucky day as The Cuphead Show! promises a “high seas adventure” in season 2.The cartoon comedy dropped on the platform early in 2022. Fans immediately took to the cartoon because of the loveable characters and the rubber hose style of animation that was reminiscent of the golden age of animation, the 1930s. It would immediately remind you of Walt Disney and Max Fleischer animations. Based on the 2017 Cuphead, the streamer quickly renewed the show for a second season due to the overwhelming positive response. Now it has released a new trailer along with a release date. Let’s get to all the juicy details.

The Netflix cartoon comedy releases a new trailer

The Netflix animated comedy follows Cuphead and his brother Mugman on their misadventures as they escape from a very comical Devil. Last season, Chalice’s betrayal threw them in jail. But the trailer reveals that Chalice is back this season. Despite the brothers struggling to trust her again, they join her in an adventure that involves pirates, candies, and a sea monster. Of course, the Devil is also hot on their heels. He summons his finest demons this season to kidnap the brothers but well his demons are a little too adorable to be intimidating. Apart from the fan-favorite characters making a comeback this season, several bosses also make an appearance, namely, Captain Brineybeard and Baroness Von Bon Bon. 

It’s expected that the voice cast will reprise their roles again this season, including Tru Valentino, Frank Todaro, Wayne Brady, Grey Griffin, Joe Hanna, and Luk Millington-Drake.

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When is The Cuphead Show! season 2 arriving on Netflix?

Season 2 of the bizarre comedy, The Cuphead Show! will hit the platform on August 19th. We don’t have an episode count for this season yet. However, we can assume that it’ll have 12 episodes just like its first season. Netflix had ordered a total of 48 episodes, so the remaining episodes may drop as part of season 3 later this year! 

Are you excited about the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments.

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