From Powers to Monikers, Man of Steel’s Super Couple Henry Cavill and Amy Adams Once Candidly Answered Audience Questions

From Powers to Monikers, Man of Steel’s Super Couple Henry Cavill and Amy Adams Once Candidly Answered Audience Questions

2013 was a remarkable year for the DCEU, with the release of Man of Steel. This film not only marked the advent of the ‘Snyder-verse’ but also gave us this generation’s Lois and Clark. Henry Cavill and Amy Adams made for a stunning on-screen couple and were also absolutely exceptional as the son of Krypton and the Daily Planet journalist.

While promoting the film, the two went all out, channeling their inner geek as they spoke about their respective characters. In one particular interview, they even took part in signature fan speculations while responding to questions posed by the audience.

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Henry Cavill and Amy Adams gave their take on Man of Steel questions

In an exclusive interview with Moviefone, real-life Clark Kent and Lois Lane participated in a segment called Unscripted. The two read out questions and answered them to the best of their ability, while also having some fun in the process. When asked which of Superman’s superpowers would he desire “for a day in real life,Henry Cavill had no doubts about his preference.

I think there’d be nothing better than knowing what it’s like to fly,” stated Cavill. He further described the feeling and said, “It’s got to be like a serious rush. It’s like a bungee jump, but for as long as you want it.


The next question was for Amy Adams. The fans wanted her opinions on “portraying Lois Lane with Superman’s powers,” and also to choose a moniker for her superheroine persona. After giving it some thought, Adams expressed her interest in doing her research and reading up on the issues wherein Lane inherited Superman’s powers.

The Leap Year actress also contemplated hard on her superhero name and joked about it by saying, “like Awesome Babe or something.” Also jumping on the humorous bandwagon, The Witcher actor suggested, “Super Awesome Babe.”

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What’s next in store for the super-couple?

While there were more than enough rumors regarding the end of Henry Cavill as Superman, his alleged cameo in Black Adam has sent the DC fandom into a frenzy. Apart from that, there is even chatter about a possible Man of Steel sequel with the British actor yet again donning the red and blue suit. If there is any truth to these reports, one can only hope that Amy Adams will also make a comeback as the beloved Lois lane.

What did you think of Cavill and Adam’s answers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. In the meantime, check out The Witcher streaming on Netflix.

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