From Helm To Realm, Here Are Some BTS Pictures Of Tom Sturridge In The Sandman

From Helm To Realm, Here Are Some BTS Pictures Of Tom Sturridge In The Sandman

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman has come a long way from comic books to Netflix live-action adaptations. And, the wait for three decades paid off as the show now has a crazy fanship. The show has left a deep impact on viewers by reminding them of their dreams and passions. From legendary Greek tales to famous literary figures the show has left no pebble unturned. The show is a very convincing blend of contemporary fiction and ancient myths. Like, Tom Sturridge, aka Dream, said, every living thing in this universe is connected to the dreamland.

And we won’t deny that this face has played a major part in making fans fall in love with the series. The actor dissolved himself into the character so remarkably that now fans cannot imagine Morpheus without him. Since they are dying to see another glimpse of Dream strolling in the comic world, Netflix has fulfilled the desirous wish of fans by releasing some BTS pictures of the actor. Let’s take a look at the pictures!

Behind the scene shots of The Sandman’s Tom Sturridge

The official page of Netflix Geeked gave fans another big treat after a bonus episode of The Sandman. They shared some photos of the titular character played by Tom Sturridge. Standing on the borders of Hell fans got the chance to sneak peek at Dream. Take a look here:

The first photo might be a victory captured when Dream won back his helm from Lucifer. Another photo showed a glowing line of light on Tom’s coat. Can you guess what it might be? These BTS clicks also remind us of how much time and hard work it took to bring Gaiman’s vision to life.

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Since the creators were very particular about casting every character, it is fortunate they found Tom Sturridge, who perfectly fitted the role from looks to moves. The actor enamored millions of comic and Netflix viewers with his deep voice and powerful acting.

Although fans objected to the changes they made in the storyline, the emblematic cast won the audience’s heart, and all the complaints went away. The Sandman turned out to be a masterpiece, just like comics; therefore, the show’s cast and crew finally accomplished the daunting task.

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Have you watched the bonus episode Netflix bestowed as a gift to fans? Do you know who Calliope is? Well, you can find everything about this tale of love and hatred by streaming the episode of The Sandman on Netflix. And don’t forget to tell us your opinion about this show of powerful entities in the comment section below.

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