From Benny to Alexei, Stranger Things Characters That Left Too Soon

From Benny to Alexei, Stranger Things Characters That Left Too Soon

Stranger Things is one show that with each season defines what it means to be a cinematic masterpiece. In 2016, viewers were acquainted with the characters for the first time. However, much has changed since then. Not only has the show achieved unprecedented heights, but from season 1 to season 4, fans have seen quite a lot. The show, on one hand, has blessed us with the growth of great bonds, and on the other, it has also provided enough trauma for a lifetime with character deaths.

While the heroic death of Eddie in Season 4 stings the most, not only because of how recent it is but also because it is deeply tragic, there have been numerous other Stranger Things characters that have led to a crying riot. With the final season of the series approaching soon, there is no better time than now to reminisce about the sheer opulence their presence brought to the screen.

Do you remember these Stranger Things death?

1. Benny Hammond- Stranger Things Season 1

Stranger Things is what an emotional rollercoaster would look like if Netflix decided to turn it into a series. The pilot episode of the series laid down the bricks to spell out ‘trauma’ as it featured the death of the only ray of hope.

Benny Hammond, despite the little time he spent with us, became immortalized as he catered to a homeless and hungry Eleven.

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The character was played by Chris Sullivan, who embodies a golden soul, and despite the array of characters that came and went, he will forever be in our hearts.

2. Bob Newby- Season 2

With another season came another heart-wrenching death. Season 2 of Stranger Things presented the turmoil of the workers in the Hawkins Lab.

In order for the group to escape without any major scratches, someone needed to wait behind to reset the power, and our sweet Newby offers himself as the black sheep. And as if his death itself was not tragic enough, it happened right in front of Joyce.

3. Alexei Utgoff- Stranger Things Season 3

You would be lying if you said Utgoff’s death does not make your heart drop every time you hear about it. His sweet poodle energy immediately set off a siren. The Duffer brothers did not leave any stone unturned in providing Utgoff with every characteristic of a good character whose death is approaching as the viewers fall in love with him.

Throughout the long and successful run of the series, viewers have experienced dramatic highs and lows along with the characters of Stranger Things. With the finale approaching and fans still demanding justice for Eddie, one might feel bewildered by the numerous character deaths they have navigated through in the past.

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This only goes on to prove how every character on Stanger Things is close to the viewers’ hearts. And while we are anticipating Season 5, given all the insights the Duffers have given us, we are also dreading what characters the creators decide to kill off.

Which Stranger Things character death left you in shambles? Let us know in the comments below.

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