From Being ‘Blacklisted’ to Tackling a Divorce, Here Is Everything Brendan Fraser Faced Before Becoming Oscars 2023 Frontrunner for ‘The Whale’

From Being ‘Blacklisted’ to Tackling a Divorce, Here Is Everything Brendan Fraser Faced Before Becoming Oscars 2023 Frontrunner for ‘The Whale’

Brendan Fraser has returned to full glory after leading in The Mummy franchise. Once a heartthrob, the actor was almost unrecognizable when the first photos of The Whale were dropped. But perhaps his return and the story behind his absence are one of the most touching moments of 2022. Fighting through all of that, he not only made a comeback but also entered the Oscar nominations for the Best Actor award.

Fraser’s case makes an example of rising through the downfall and the problems, especially in the entertainment industry. But his story has only come to light years later, and it’s one that has had fans both adore and sympathize with the entertainer.

Where was Brendan Fraser all these years?

The George of the Jungle appears starkly different from his initial days in the industry. But personal life issues and work situations became the reasons for his long period of depression. Back in 2018, Fraser revealed to GQ during an interview about being blacklisted from the industry after going through an incident. Per him, Philip Berk, who was the former President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, sexually assaulted him in public back in 2003 at a Beverly Hills hotel.

Recalling the incident, he revealed that the former president grabbed his a** cheek, moving his hands around the private areas. Thereafter, he started getting fewer invitations to events, and the incident left him in an intense depression. Although the former President called these allegations to be baseless. Fraser also went through a rough divorce with his former wife Afton Smith, having to pay hefty maintenance to her for their three children.

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Now, with The Whale being appreciated worldwide, it will be seen how it fares during the award ceremonies.

His performance in the film and chances to win Oscar this year

Fraser had an emotional moment when he received a five-minute standing ovation at the London Film Festival. From the get-go, his psychological thriller, along with Sadie Sink, received appreciation for its plot, cast, and direction. For the 95th Academy Awards, he will be competing with some strong actors like Tom Cruise, Austin Butler, Bill Nighy, and Paul Mescal. The movie also has nominations for Best Supporting Actress and Best Makeup Artist.

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Do you think Brendan Fraser will be able to nab the Oscars this year? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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