“From as early as 2 years old, I was…” Tragic Details About Ryan Gosling You Never Knew

“From as early as 2 years old, I was…” Tragic Details About Ryan Gosling You Never Knew

Ryan Gosling is inarguably one of the most well-known and popular stars in Hollywood. The La La land actor has achieved the level of success and fame that people can only dream of. Gosling is amongst the leading men in Hollywood and influences tons of individuals worldwide. While all his fans are aware about his success, relationships and movies, only a few of us know about Gosling’s childhood.

With a career spanning nearly two decades, Gosling has achieved almost everything there is in his acting career. Furthermore, the actor is also happily married to the Ghost Rider actress Eva Mendes. While the actor is certainly enjoying his life to the fullest now, it was not always the same for Gosling. The City Of Stars hitmaker’s childhood facts might leave you in shock, to say the least.

Ryan Gosling and his tragic upbringing

Ryan Gosling was born in Ontario, Canada, on 12th November 1980, where he spent the first few years of his life. While Gosling has never spoken about religious beliefs, the actor was brought up in an extremely conservative Mormon household. The Barbie actor had a very tough time growing up in such a devout household. Owing to the problems he faced in his household, Gosling vented out his frustrations in his school. Furthermore, Gosling earned himself the nickname “trouble.”

The Nice Guys actor wasn’t as nice during his early days in school. It might surprise you to know that Gosling once took a bunch of steak knives to school to throw them at his schoolmates. Later, the school authorities suspended him. Apparently, that was a wake-up call for the young Gosling. However, the actor did not stop even after the knife incident. In an interview with Telegraph, the Blade Runner actor confessed, “From as early as 2 years old, I was sneaking out the house, breaking things, putting the cat in the dryer, and setting the house on fire.”

The Taxi Driver actor always knew he wanted to be an actor

Amidst all chaos and troubles, Gosling always wanted to be an actor. The Canadian actor rarely had friends while growing up. Apparently, Gosling watched a lot of television, and the entertainment industry fascinated him. The actor even called Television, his “only” friend during his interview with Daily News.

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Many of us might not know, but the actor quit formal education and went in pursuit of a career in acting. Surprising as it sounds, Gosling landed his first role at the mere age of 12. And ever since, the First Man star has not looked back.


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