From a Meek Psychic to a Brave Detective, Millie Bobby Brown Leaves Fans Stunned With ‘Enola Holmes 2′

From a Meek Psychic to a Brave Detective, Millie Bobby Brown Leaves Fans Stunned With ‘Enola Holmes 2′

The worldwide premiere of Netflix’s Tudum has given people enormous content to discuss. Almost all the greatest shows and some of the major films have announced their sequels and upcoming season’s release dates. And those who have not, have given a sneak peek into their respective sets. Likewise, one of the most awaited films of Millie Bobby Brown on Netflix, Enola Holmes 2 got its trailer release.

Enola Holmes 2 is Brown’s huge return to Netflix. The actress last appeared in the blockbuster series Stranger Things on the streaming giant in May. But this time, instead of facing off against Demogorgon, our Eleven will be solving a mystery.

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Millie Bobby Brown, aka Enola, has her own detective agency

After the events of Enola Holmes from 2020, we find Enola attempting to carve out a place for herself by opening a detective business. She obviously wants more than being just Sherlock Holmes’ sister and wants to shine on her own. However, she is facing quite a difficulty in getting cases, as she is a girl, and a young one at that, in the 1800s London.

While Sherlock is preoccupied with a challenging case on his own, Enola soon receives a case involving a missing individual. But as the teaser reveals, there is a connection between the two cases, and the Holmes siblings must work together to uncover the mystery.

Netizens are so much in the awe of Brown, that they can’t seem to get enough of her. They are delighted at the trailer release last night, as we get a glimpse of what the sequel has in store for us.

Fans are extremely excited to watch Millie in the film again. Especially after a long wait of 2 years, as the first part was released in 2020.

One of the fans mentions the versatility of Millie, which in no form is incorrect. The actress is picking up the roles smartly and is trying to maintain flexibility in the roles she does. Remember the time she rapped alongside Maroon 5?

Meanwhile, some think that the sequel looks better than the first part.

People are also excited to see Tweksburry aka Lis Partridge back with Millie together.

Nevertheless, it will be amazing to watch Millie back in the games. If you have not watched Enola Holmes, watch it before the sequel releases.

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