Free Burst Out in Comments as Doja Cat Glitters in 30,000 Swarovski Crystal for Schiaparelli

Free Burst Out in Comments as Doja Cat Glitters in 30,000 Swarovski Crystal for Schiaparelli

Doja Cat painted the Paris Fashion Week in red. Fashion Week and MET Gala are some of the events that celebrities really dress up for in their own unique styles. Each is better than the other. It is the most uniquely dressed celebrity that grabs the attention of all. Very few are able to pull off an edgy look time after time.

In the case of Doja Cat, she was already in the competition for top best-dressed celebrities. But the singer may have outdone herself this year. While Kylie Jenner wore a dress with a realistic lion’s face, Doja Cat sat just a seat away. Studded in diamonds right from the head. Twitters are left in splits as comments are pouring over her never-seen-before style.

Fans come up with hilarious comments over the crystal-studded look of Doja Cat

Some people wear Swarovski crystals as accessories, but Doja Cat wears them as a costume. The Freak singer wore Schiaparelli couture and clearly carried her look pretty well. It took about four to five hours to create this look. The singer, who was covered in crystals right from her scalp, completed the look with a red dress, high boots, and blood-red earrings. While many have praised her look, Twitter is left in splits with some hilarious comments. Some fans wanted to see the entire process of getting dressed the way she did.

Some others mocked how they would pick up fallen crystals from her look. One fan remarked how bulls would run after her, considering her completely red look. While another one joked about the 27-year-old looking like a tampon. On the other hand, a Twitter comment stated how the singer was difficult to spot amongst other guests.

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Many could not help but notice how Doja Cat and Kylie Jenner sat in the same front row at the fashion week. However, they were seen looking the other way. There is no doubt that the competition for the best dressed for the event was between the two fashionistas.

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