Formula 1 Legend Lewis Hamilton Admits Being Hooked to “absolutely incredible” Billie Eilish, Deems Her a Role Model

Formula 1 Legend Lewis Hamilton Admits Being Hooked to “absolutely incredible” Billie Eilish, Deems Her a Role Model

Billie Eilish is one of those few artists who have changed the pop landscape in the past decade. This global superstar rose to prominence as a mumbly-voiced high-school-age kid. Her dark and ambient songs captured the attention of music lovers, making her the queen of the Gen-Z generation. It is astounding to see how this young musician has the talent to weave all the happy-sad feelings into beautiful melodies. Every single lyric made plenty of sense touching the very core of one’s heart.

Well, it is beyond question why the Bad Guy singer earned multiple awards only at age 21. While one of the biggest reasons behind her success is that her songs never sounded like the rest. The enchanting amalgamation of deep dark music with incredible visuals is something Eilish invented for this era. And it is not just us who believe that she is going to be a role model for the next generation. Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton agrees with us on this one!

Lewis Hamilton sees the glorious future of pop music in Billie Eilish 

Lewis Hamilton recently spoke with Style Magazine of Corriere admitting his admiration for Billie Eilish. In the interview, the British racing driver revealed that he is enjoying the songs of the Grammy winner. The Mercedes star loves her music and thinks she is going to change the future tells the reports.

“I think she’s absolutely incredible and such a positive role model for the next generation,” remarked the Formula One Legend. For context, Hamilton has always expressed his love for music and considers it as an outlet to express his views. Even the Briton released a song titled Pipe under the pseudonym XNDA back in 2018.

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As for the James Bond singer, she made it to the 200 best singers of all time on the very first day of 2023. Billie Eilish took the 198 spot as per the Rolling Stones list who praised her inspirational music.

“Opting for subtlety instead of force or volume, Billie Eilish’s restraint makes the big emotions in her writing all the more intense,” read the description.

Are you a fan of Billie Eilish? What do you think about this voice of millennia? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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