Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 4 Release Date Revealed. What Is This Season Going to Be About?

Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 4 Release Date Revealed. What Is This Season Going to Be About?

We were just recovering from the excitement and thrill of the final of the Grand Prix from last year. And now Netflix is here to add to that excitement by letting us relive the nail-biting moments of 2021, including the controversial Max Verstappen win with its newest installment to the F1: Drive to Survive docuseries.

F1: Drive to Survive- trailer synopsis and cast

The long and much-awaited fourth season of Netflix hit docuseries, F1: Drive to survive, is here. The major success of the three seasons has compelled Netflix to release the fourth one on popular demand.

This season, viewers can expect many popular drivers to appear in the show. It will cover the year-long rivalry between Red bulls’ Max Verstappen and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton along with Ferrari and McLaren battling in the midfield.

F1: Drive to Survive is a docuseries that looks back at the previous year’s Formula One season a few weeks before the new season begins, allowing fans to catch up on or relive the events to be fired up for the new season.

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Release date and what to expect

The show will premiere a week or two before the new f1 season begins, which will start by March 20th in Bahrain, according to rumors. Netflix has also confirmed the release date of March 11th through a recent tweet.

The new season is going to be an exciting one as last year of the F1 was not short of a thriller. Even if we do not include the final race where Red Bull emerged victoriously, a lot occurred last year. There were many driver transfers that we are sure will be included in this season.

So it’s time to restock the popcorn and relive the Grand Prix final on Netflix.

Are you looking forward to the new docuseries? We certainly are keeping our eyes peeled to see some heavy competitive spirit. Do let us know in the comments below whether you liked the previous seasons of f1 or not.

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