Former Yeezy Employee Spills the Beans About How Kanye West Made Her Sit on the Floor

Former Yeezy Employee Spills the Beans About How Kanye West Made Her Sit on the Floor

Kanye West might win the award for being the most controversial person of the year. The latter half of 2022 brought a slew of bad news for American singer-rapper. Initially, he sparked controversy by making anti-Semitic remarks. Later, some of the major brands with which he had collaborated dropped him, reducing his status from billionaire to millionaire.

Once again, he has gotten into controversy as one of his brand’s former employees opens up about his pathetic behavior at the workplace.

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What did Kanye West say to the young designer?

After Adidas dropped its partnership with Yeezy, employees of the company made some major revelations. The most recent one was made by an ex-staffer of the company about Kanye West’s intolerable behavior with a young female designer. According to Business Insider, a former Yeezy staffer who demanded anonymity told that Ye once made the female designer deliberately sit on the floor for hours after she disagreed with him on something. Not just that, he also said to her, “You don’t deserve to sit at the table.”

Ex-employees who asked to remain anonymous stated that West deliberately created a toxic work environment at Adidas-Yeezy and his behavior was terrible towards those who worked there. The company recently broke its nine-year-long partnership with West.

According to the former employees, West would compliment certain employees while disparaging others he had previously praised. One former worker called it “playing mind games.” That was extremely rude and non-acceptable behavior shown by a person who a large number of people idolize for his work.

Additionally, several of the former employees revealed that West often exposed them to explicit photographs of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. An employee claimed that in the year 2018, when Kanye West showed his wife’s explicit video of his wife to a guy who was there for a job interview. However, according to Business Insider, Yeezy’s representatives have not commented on this matter yet. This comes in the light of Adidas’ investigation into the allegations against the rapper.

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What do you think about the recent string of accusations against West? Do you think there’s truth in these allegations? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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