Former ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Dwayne Johnson Refuses To Give Up The Title to Chris Evans The Current Beholder of The Title

Former ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Dwayne Johnson Refuses To Give Up The Title to Chris Evans The Current Beholder of The Title

Hollywood giants like Chris Evans Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, and have recently been in the headlines for their just releases and upcoming movies. While The Rock gave us a massive surprise in Black Adams, giving a short cameo of the legendary Henry Cavill, Chris Evans is about to hit us all with his two back-to-back upcoming movies in 2023. 

However, not many of us are aware that they made headlines for something else too. This was hilariously brought to our notice by the American Talk Show, the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. After much exchange of pleasantries and self-boasting, Colbert finally revealed a top-tier title entitled to one of the above. 

Who do you think is the more legitimate sexiest between Chris Evans and Dwyane Johnson?

People’s magazine read, it was our very own Chris Evans, who played the former CIA operator. He has been declared The Sexiest Man Alive in 2022. Although the host, the former title holder, The Rock all gave him a warm welcome into the club, they were also agitated about the same thing. In a video segment, the Jumanji star congratulated his successor. But with a tinge of jealousy, only for fun.

When The Rock saw the slash around Chris Evans’s body, it was quite visible how he tried to console himself. Although it was totally fun intended and was only meant to serve the entertainment purposes of the audience that were life and watching.

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Even after losing the title to Evans, Johnson still refused to give up on it. He stated that “I never give the title up”. Adding to it, he later said, he was the sexiest man alive “till perpetuity“. However, this is also acknowledged by People‘s Magazine. 

When Evans tried his level best to persuade the star, Johnson would not budge. Thus he lastly gave it up, left at the mercy of The Rock, imitated a signature style of the slash on, and left for home. 

What have you done had you been in Evans’s place? Did you like the friendship between Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson? Let us know in the comments below. 

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