Forget ‘The Witcher’ or Superman, Henry Cavill Needs to Be in ‘Star Trek’ as This Famous Character

Forget ‘The Witcher’ or Superman, Henry Cavill Needs to Be in ‘Star Trek’ as This Famous Character

After his departure from the Netflix Original show, The Witcher and DC Universe, Henry Cavill secured roles in many major franchises. He is in talks for portraying the James Bond villain, too. While securing Bond-like roles in two different war films, there is still one more role that he could play in the Star Trek franchise.

The Star Trek franchise is one of the biggest and most loved franchises. The fandom loves and follows the films/series and characters religiously. Now, as suggested by Giant Freakin Robot, there is a place for the 39-year-old actor in the Star Trek world. Cavill could be one of the most famous characters, father in Star Trek, the Vulcan diplomat Sarek.

Sarek is the Vulcan ambassador and diplomat. He is also the father of Starfleet officer Spock. The second season of The Original Series saw Sarek for the first time. Since his first appearance in the series, he became a tremendous sensation. Given the character’s inactiveness, it helped his son, Spock, and other characters to develop themselves as characters. However, that is not what the reporting site wants Cavill to play.

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The source wants the British actor to play the younger and more confused character who is yet to discover his place. Given the character has always been the archetypal and ideal Vulcan; don’t you also think the character must have a huge history?

How can Henry Cavill fit into the Star Trak universe?

Originally, Sarek tied the knot with two human women. He defied the traditional Vulcan customs. Amanda, the first wife of Sarek, is the mother of their child, Spock. The question is if Sarek was so firm about the Vulcan ways and fallibility of human emotions, why did he surround himself with humans? Also, Spock has another brother named Sybok from Sarek’s relationship with an unknown princess. It is not much known about the relationship between father and son.

Thus, the Henry Cavill starrer series could give us the answer to these questions. The relationship between Sarek with his two sons would be fascinating for the viewers to watch. Especially, if the Enola Holmes actor would play this role, it would expose another side of the actor’s passion for acting.

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What are your thoughts about it? Do you think Cavill could pull the character off? Feel free to share your thoughts and insights with us in the comment box below.

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