Forget Robby & Tory and Miguel & Sam, THIS Is the Most Amazing Couple of ‘Cobra Kai’

Forget Robby & Tory and Miguel & Sam, THIS Is the Most Amazing Couple of ‘Cobra Kai’

There are few spin-offs in the world that live up to the level of the original series. Breaking Bad‘s Better Call Saul and Netflix’s hit The Karate Kid spin-off Cobra Kai are just a few examples. Cobra Kai has a special place in the hearts of its viewers. The show has action, friendships, traumas, connections, and, most importantly, love and relationships. Cobra Kai, a thriller drama, also has many relationships made in the high school, around the neighborhood, or out of sheer strangeness. Sam, Miguel, Robby, Tory, Hawk, even Johnny, and many others have faced relationship dramas. But this one couple went unnoticed, which is the best.

The best couple of Cobra Kai

Miguel and Sam, Sam and Robby, Miguel and Tory, and now Robby and Tory have been the center of teenage relationship dramas. While the married couple, Daniel and Amanda, also have their own trials and Johnny Lawrence dates Miguel’s mother, Carmen. With season 5 of the show coming out in a few days, the Redditors pointed out the best couple of the show till now.

this is somehow the most stable relationship on this show from cobrakai

We know Demetri has been in hiding because of the fear of getting bullied. He wasn’t confident enough to stand up for himself, let alone have a girlfriend. However, after seriously training with Daniel and taking karate seriously, he gained more confidence and became stronger than before. However, in season 3, Demetri becomes courageous enough to fight for himself. And because he is confident, Yasmine, his dream girl, becomes his girlfriend.

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While everyone else is having their own troubles, Demetri and Yasmin have the most stable relationship throughout the show till now. While we are waiting for their relationship to evolve in season 5, let us see what the fans have to say about them.

Fans’ opinions about the best couple

There are many ships in the show for many characters. However, Demetri and Yasmine won the label for the best couple of Cobra KaiFans ship this couple for their balance.

Because she flew from California for Demetri, it made the fans go crazy for this couple.

And the way Yasmine and Demetri talked about the wedgie has still impacted the viewers’ minds.

Do you also think that Demetri and Yasmine make a good pair who deserve more light in the upcoming season? If you also ship these two, stream the show here once again to see their beautifully cute romance.

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