Forget Eddie’s Michael Myers Mask, Stranger Things Season 4 Featured a More Horrific “Halloween” Reference

Forget Eddie’s Michael Myers Mask, Stranger Things Season 4 Featured a More Horrific “Halloween” Reference

Since the first season of Stranger Things, pop culture references have been a huge part of the show. In fact, the show’s callback to classic 80s horror films helped it rise to the tremendous fame it has now. And the current season of the Netflix Original was no different. There were dozens of references scattered throughout Stranger Things 4, with the most notable being the Michael Myers mask worn by Eddie.

However, to all the Halloween fans, it wasn’t the only one. There is another reference to the 1978 slasher film in Stranger Things, apart from the mask that Eddie wears.

Want to find out want it is? Read along.

The biggest Halloween reference in Stranger Things apart from Michael Myers mask worn by Eddie

Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 contains several horror and sci-fi Easter eggs, but one scene, in particular, is sure to stand out for John Carpenter Halloween aficionados. And, no, Eddie (Joseph Quinn) wearing the mask was not it, though it was a nice touch.

The moment occurs during the season finale’s climactic fight, just as it seems all hope is gone. But Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) was ultimately able to defeat Henry Creel, aka One, aka Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) within Max’s (Sadie Sink) head, allowing the Upside Down gang to attack his fragile body.

What happened in the show?

Nancy (Natalia Dyer) shoots Vecna many times with a sawed-off shotgun after the Upside Down gang throws two Molotov cocktails at him, engulfing his entire body in flames.

The power of the blasts propels Vecna backward until he lands on the ground outside the second-story window. Of course, when the party walks out to inspect the body, Vecna has vanished, leaving his fate unknown until the fifth and final season.

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What happens in the movies?

With a few exceptions, that is exactly how Michael Myers is despatched in the original Halloween. Dr. Sam Loomis shoots Michael Myers many times with a handgun during the climactic struggle in the movie before the murderer falls backward outside the second-story window.

Loomis glances out the window after a brief pause to check on the body, but Michael has vanished.

Did you guys notice the reference? Also, let us know some easter eggs that you pointed out. Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

Stranger Things is currently streaming on Netflix.

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