Forecaster Who Predicted Queen’s Death Reveals Kate Middleton’s Life Is In Danger for THIS Reason

Forecaster Who Predicted Queen’s Death Reveals Kate Middleton’s Life Is In Danger for THIS Reason

As a member of the Royal Family, it is the bittersweet truth that your life comes after your Kingdom’s subjects. In fact, it is a matter of great privilege if your nation looks up to someone who gave up their life in the service of the grand old nation. Similar are the ideologies of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. As one of the most responsible and core functional units of The Firm, the wife of the future king is susceptible to such duties for the family. 

However, some developments in her schedule have become matters of aggravating concern. With as many as 90 engagements due this year, the Royal fortune teller has something else to add. The psychic who is regarded as an eminent forecaster soon after his predictions of the Queen’s demise were proved to be true, has some concerning predictions for the Queen in waiting. And the reasons could not have been more overwhelming. 

British psychic says Kate Middleton might put her life at risk

Craig Hamilton who is always in the best books of the Royal Family has said, Kate Middleton will be in pursuit of aspontaneous act”. And the same will put her life at stake. He also added that the same work will also be in the favor of the nation. It would be a genuinely “touching act. The Princess might come under a direct dilemma of making the correct decisions. Nonetheless, she will eventually choose the right thing to do.

Referred as the “Prophet of Doom”, the British psychic added that Kate Middleton will be seen as a new star of the Royal Family. There have been countless stories about analysts and correspondents speculating about where the Royal Family is headed. However, none had managed to get the attention of the press until Hamilton said it for himself. 

Various publications also state that he was correct to predict the devastating coronavirus pandemic that took millions of lives all over the world. Although no such activities by the Princess have hinted at bad luck, it is to see how Kate Middleton plays hardball, as and when required. 

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What do you think of the unsettling future predictions by the British psychic? Do you think anything such is ever going to happen? Let us know in the comments below. 

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