Following the Success of Ozark, Jason Bateman Set to Direct a Film Featuring Two Avengers

Following the Success of Ozark, Jason Bateman Set to Direct a Film Featuring Two Avengers

Ozark, one of Netflix’s biggest projects, is to come to an end very soon. One might expect Jason Bateman, the lead of the show, to maybe rest for a while after the show’s success. However, he has another project lined up very soon featuring these two Marvel Avengers.

What is Jason Bateman going to work on?

After his work in the Netflix Original is to end, Bateman is going to work with Apple. After Apple’s historic win at the Academy Awards for CODA, the production house is visibly expanding. One of their most noteworthy upcoming titles is Project Artemis. The film will be available on the Apple streaming service Apple TV plus.

While Apple might have bought this project in a massive deal of more than $100 million, what guarantees the fact that Project Artemis is going to be extremely successful is that it features two of the leading cast from Avengers. Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson, who fans know better as Captain America and Black Widow from the Avengers franchise, are set to appear in this film.

While a lot has not been revealed about the film yet, we know that the screenplay was written by Rose Gilroy, daughter of actress and model Rene Russo. As for Bateman, he will be working as a director of the movie. His popular role as Marty Byrde in Ozark is to come to an end very soon.

Part two of the last season of the Netflix series will be out on April 29, marking the end of the Byrde family’s exploits in the Ozarks, for good or for bad.

While Netflix’s recent hit The Adam Project focused on time travel, Apple is going to lay some focus on the space race. The streaming giant also has many other highly anticipated movies coming soon including Argyle featuring Matthew Vaughn and an F1 racing movie starring Brad Pitt.

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Until we have more news of Project Artemis, stream Ozark on Netflix to see more of Jason Bateman.

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