Following the Backlash for ‘The Crown’ Season 5, Netflix Postpones Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Documentary

Following the Backlash for ‘The Crown’ Season 5, Netflix Postpones Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Documentary

Netflix was all set for a royal double-whammy this year with the fifth season of The Crown, followed by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s docuseries. However, Queen Elizabeth II’s death last month spoiled the plans of the American streaming giant. The newly appointed monarch King Charles III is witnessing an outpouring of love and sympathy from all corners of the world. 

With so much admiration for His Majesty, Netflix is facing extreme backlash, especially from Britain. The Crown season 5 is likely to be critical of King and Queen Consort Camilla as it will highlight the divorce of Charles and Princess Diana along with the latter’s death. 

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What is the issue with docuseries by Harry and Meghan?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s docuseries is likely to take a dig at Charles, Camilla, William, and Kate Middleton. Netflix was aiming for a December release for the show, a month after The Crown season 5 goes live. However, the early trends suggest that shading King Charles III can do more harm for the streamer than good. It is already being subjected to a lot of trolling for projecting the monarch in a bad light.

Thus, as a preventive measure and to not sound too critical of the royal household, they have decided to postpone the docuseries by Harry and Meghan for the next year. “They’re rattled at Netflix, and they blinked first and decided to postpone the documentary,” a source was quoted as saying by Deadline.

Netflix slammed by former UK Prime Minister

A few days back, Netflix received a massive setback as John Major, former UK Prime Minister brutally slammed them. John showed his disagreement in a scene in the first episode of season five titled Queen Victoria Syndrome. The episode will showcase an informal meeting between now King and Major in 1991 as the former could not wait anymore to take the throne.

The episode suggests that Charles was in favor of his mother abdicating the throne to make way for him, a much younger and relatable monarch. However, the former Prime Minister claimed that no such incident took place. 

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What is your take on The Crown season five? Are you excited about watching the show? Share in the comments. 

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