Following His Auschwitz Visit, Arnold Schwarzenegger Talked About ‘The Weight’ He Felt of the Horrors Suffered by Jews

Following His Auschwitz Visit, Arnold Schwarzenegger Talked About ‘The Weight’ He Felt of the Horrors Suffered by Jews

Arnold Schwarzenegger has seen 75 years of life! That too, not in a monotone, but both through the rose gold glasses and from within the greys and blues of living. This perhaps explains his broader view and wisdom to understand the way of the world in a very lucid and coherent manner. Furthermore, the Austrian actor has always been vocal about his viewpoint on various aspects and puts them forth whenever he gets the chance.

Notably, following his recent trip to Auschwitz, one of the largest German Nazi concentration camps, the former governor of California could not keep himself from sharing about the “weight” he felt walking through a place like that. He took to his YouTube channel to deliver a powerful speech against hatred and anti-Semitism.

The Terminator star cited the remains of the horrors people went through in those concentration camps, saying the weight feels heavier to him than any squat he has done in his life, and “it never goes away.” He also called his father a “broken man,” who was notably a member of the Nazi party. Schwarzenegger added that he has seen many people ruin their bright futures because of such hateful beliefs.

Concluding his speech about the historic belief that led many Nazis to the path of “misery,” he said, “besides the guilt and the injuries, they felt like losers.” The reason, according to him, is not just a lost war but a “horrible ideology” as well. The seven-time Olympia winner then addressed those who have embraced this hateful path.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also tried to address those with a hateful worldview

Schwarzenegger, who evidently has a knack for bodybuilding and fitness, tried to make his POV clear by giving a unique example and stating that the mind and character are nothing different from the muscle and the body. He apparently suggested one has to make peace with pain in order to grow as a person.

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Further alluding to Robert Frost’s ‘Road Not Taken,’ the Austrian actor insisted that there will be two paths. First, the easier one is where people just find ways to “numb” their pain and mystery and cite everything wrong as someone else’s fault. The second path, however, is the hard one. According to him, it will make one leave their comfort zone, and make their brain think in new ways, even losing a lot of their friends circle. But once it is done, people feel “empowered.” He concluded his speech by saying, “Choose strength. Choose life. Conquer your mind. You can do it.”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s visit to the concentration camp and the speech reportedly comes after the Anti-Defamation League reports of 2021. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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