Florida Man Sets $15K Worth Yeezys on Fire, as a Protest Against “Not the Richest Rapper” Kanye West

Florida Man Sets $15K Worth Yeezys on Fire, as a Protest Against “Not the Richest Rapper” Kanye West

The erratic behavior of the hip-hop legend Ye has cost him a huge fortune in less than a month. Right from the golden steps of glory, the rapper has crashed to the ground. The billionaire fashion designer Kanye West was once an influential figure in the industry, but his hate speech changed everything. His biggest collaborator cut ties with him, and even his fans have all but deserted the rapper.

The Donda singer lost a $1.5 Billion deal just in a single day when the German manufacturer called off their partnership. The musician was also blocked from his social media where people were condemning him for his actions. Meanwhile, one of his former Florida fans set $15k worth of Yeezys on fire as a protest against the rapper.

Kanye West seems to lose his fandom and fortune at the same time

In a recent post shared on Twitter, a Florida man burned several pairs of Yeezy shoes to show his disapproval of Ye’s antisemitic comments. West has been unstoppable and continuously made remarks against Jews. And now a fan decided to take a stand against the rapper for his rants.

According to WSVN, a former Ye fan, Danny Schiff, decided to stand against the Jewish hate speech and burn his shoes. It was also stated that the fan purchased 40 pair of shoes from Yeezy over the years. While he remarked that people have freedom of speech but people like West should not be allowed to spread this kind of hatred.

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“I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE,” posted West on Twitter, which led to much controversy.

This series of hate speech spread like fire on internet and many famous personalities gave statements against the rapper. Companies discontinued their partnerships, presenters left him, and even his ex-wife condemned the Donda singer.

Kim Kardashian recently posted on her Twitter account that she supports the Jewish community. And these types of things are intolerable since Ye controversial comments are a never-ending trail.

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