‘Flash’ Actor Ezra Miller’s Controversies Are Sparking Bizarre Comparisons After Will Smith Slapgate Incident

‘Flash’ Actor Ezra Miller’s Controversies Are Sparking Bizarre Comparisons After Will Smith Slapgate Incident

Ezra Miller’s controversies are back in discussions, and reasonably so. The actor is non-binary and prefers the pronoun they/them. They began their debut with Afterschool and very quickly rose to prominence appearing alongside Emma Watson in Perks of Being a Wallflower, followed by the Fantastic Beasts series. And with the speed of lightning, they landed the lead in the 2023 Warner Bros Flash. A lot of achievement for a 29-year-old. While their success is rising, there are concerns over some dangerous issues comparable to the Will Smith Oscar fiasco and its repercussions.

Ezra will be next seen in the upcoming movie Daliland, playing the role of young Dali in the Mary Harron film. The movie is based on 1970s painter Salvador Dali, his wife, Gala, and their marriage. Although it is a small supporting role, there is the question of why the actor is getting roles despite his controversies. This has sparked some comparisons with Will Smith’s slap gate incident. Here is the pickle.

Ezra Miller and Will Smith, a tale of two controversies

Ezra Miller’s movie Daliland will be released without editing them. That has been a troubling thought for people who compared their case with the treatment of Will Smith post the slap gate controversy. According to director Harron, “The film was completely finished and wrapped. Nothing bad happened during our filming, and the film is the film.” That said, the American Psycho director feels that even people of talent should face their wrongdoings.

The film is already done with its finishing touches and is set to release on September 17. When comparing the gravity of their doings, it is a wonder how Miller still has roles. Meanwhile the isolated incident of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock still remains in the headline, progressively ruining Smith’s career built over decades. The unfair discrimination is becoming apparent leading to comparisons between the two.

Miller has faced several accusations of volatile behavior, including some dangerous ones. They were suspected by the police of hiding the whereabouts of a woman and her three children who had been staying with the actor. In response, Miller said, “I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior”.  But this is just one of the incidences that have landed the actor in trouble with the law.

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Do you think Will Smith is being treated harshly when compared to Ezra Miller? Is the comparison fair? Let us know in the comments below.

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