FLAME ON! With Casting of ‘Fantastic 4’ On the Way, Fans Take a Wild Guess For Upcoming Movie

FLAME ON! With Casting of ‘Fantastic 4’ On the Way, Fans Take a Wild Guess For Upcoming Movie

Flame on! Casting is finally underway for the newest Fantastic 4 adaptation. Marvel Cinematic Universe already has the world tapping its feet with the announcement of its highly promising phase 5. However, the excitement settled down a little when the franchise had to push its adaptation of Fantastic 4 back to Phase 6. While fans are more than electrified to welcome Ant-man in February, they will have to wait until 2025 to watch the team of four led by Reed Richards, AKA Mr. Fantastic, in action.

First originated in the Marvel comics back in 1961, the team created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s beyond the world imaginations consists of four superheroes. They are Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm. While one can stretch himself in any form, another is invisible. While one can cover his body in flames, control fire, and even fly, another can transform into a rock monster.

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And guess what? They have already sent out the letters for casting. Notably, since the 2015 adaptation of the superhero movie had a really promising cast, fans make big assumptions about the upcoming Matt Shakman-helmed movie.

As the casting of MCU’s Fantastic 4 is afoot, fans take on fancy guesswork

Fans engage in a friendly brawl as they announce the fan (cast) for the movie. Below, you can go through some of the most popular choices for all four superheroes:

Well, fans have a biased opinion about the future Invisible Woman actor.

Another fan gives out his choices with accurate reasoning:

Stars like Rob McElhenney and Megan Fox are also on the minds of the fanatics

One fan surprisingly wants Lady Gaga to be the Invisible woman!

Another fanatic wittily put himself forward to be given a chance to play any of the three superheroes.

People also put forward the only casting discussion that should happen is the one for Doctor Doom. For those who do not know, he is the mightiest villain in this saga. A rival of Mr. Fantastic, equally smart, who not only donned an uncanny mask but would fill the void of Ironman’s suit after his fate in Endgame. Dr. Doom, with his scientific intellect, creates his own suit as well as robotic doppelgangers in the comics.

You can go through a plethora of fan-castings on Twitter.

Who would you cast for the 2025 Fantastic 4 movie though? Feel free to comment your choices below.

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