‘First Kill’ Cast and Showrunner Explain How the Netflix Vampire Movie Goes Beyond Monsters and Monster Hunters

‘First Kill’ Cast and Showrunner Explain How the Netflix Vampire Movie Goes Beyond Monsters and Monster Hunters

There are literally a hundred stories about gruesomely violent vampires based all around the fights and deaths. The ever-lasting struggle between monsters and monster hunters is something that the world can never have enough of. However, Netflix has taken matters into its own hands to change the narrative with its new show, First Kill. We are finally going to get a vampire story that is not just about blood, killing, and hunting. 

Just a few days ahead of the big release of the Netflix drama series First Kill, the cast and showrunner sat down to talk about the series. And the fans will be really glad to know that the series is much more than your regular vampire story. And in the clip, they talked about a lot of the reasons why they think it is like that.

So, with no further ado, let us dive right into the story of First Kill and how it changes the age-old vampire trope.

How First Kill by Netflix is different from other monster stories out there

On its surface, First Kill seems to be an everyday day Romeo and Juliet love story. But Netflix has transformed the story of ill-fated lovers into something more.

While talking about the subtext of the show, Imani Lewis, who plays the monster hunter Calliope Burns said, “Her biggest thing is just trying to prove to her family that she deserves respect as a monster hunter, instead of just the teenage little sister.”

Sarah Catherine Hook, who plays the Vampire Juliette, explained that Juliette is attempting to remove herself from her vampire family and be a “normal girl.” On the other hand, Calliope seeks a feeling of belonging.

She said, “there’s all this pressure to drop the whole ‘I want to be human, I want to be normal’ and embrace this incredible matriarchy.”

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First Kill is a fantasy tale. But the romance and family relationships give a very “human” element, according to Grace Dzienny, who portrays Juliette’s elegant elder sister, Elinor Fairmont.

Calliope and Juliette, according to show creator Felicia D. Henderson, are two people “who never should have fell in love.”

We will have to wait till Friday to stream and see if all the claims of the cast of the show are true or not. Meanwhile, share your expectations of the show with us in the comments.

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