Finn Wolfhard Names Only ‘Stranger Things’ Character Cool Enough to Wear Air Jordans

Finn Wolfhard Names Only ‘Stranger Things’ Character Cool Enough to Wear Air Jordans

Looks like the hundreds of interviews weren’t enough to get us overwhelmed already. Having watched our favorite characters at monotonous talk shows enough, let’s take a sneak peek at their personal interests. Stranger Things’ one of the most beloved and OG characters, Finn Wolfhard went sneakers shopping with Complex the other day. There he revealed who’s the only coolest enough character likely to be wearing a Jordan in season 5.

Finn Wolfhard talks about reckons the only coolest character to wear Air Jordans

Stranger Things season 5 is going to be a 90 ’s-based show. Finn Wolfhard revealed a lot about it including the fashion sense that next season is going to come up with. Upon being asked about the coolest character likely to put on jordans next season, Finn said (9:12 in the video) “Caleb would absolutely murder it.” He also stated that Caleb’s character, Lucas Sinclair, has been in the show since the beginning but now that he is a top basketball player, “It’d be sick to see it.

In the show, although the gang often gets into insignificant brawls over trivial matters, the boys have always continued to stick together and work as a team. Their friendship is as charming on and off-screen as it is in the show.

Lucas’ arc in Stranger Things 4

Lucas Sinclair played by Caleb McLaughlin is one of the core members of the Hawkins gang in Stranger Things. In season 4, he’s the ex of Max Mayfield and continues to the best friends with the first OG characters of the show. He possesses commendable athletic skills and is a great basketball player who strived to win the game for Hawkins’ team. In various scenes, he was witnessed having minute knowledge about military gears and fighting skills, inherited from his father, Charles Sinclair.

Also, not to forget his legendary tribute to the American Basketball star, Kobe Bryant.

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Not only that, he’s pretty much good at engaging rivals be it Jason, Billy, or even the demodogs. Besides being good in the field, he’s been a constant moral support to Max even if they ended up on not-so-good terms. It broke our hearts to see the last scene where Max goes into a coma in his arms. Perhaps Finn was right. Rightfully so, Lucas has been the coolest character among his friends till now. 

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