Find Out the Superheroes Idris Elba Geeked On

Find Out the Superheroes Idris Elba Geeked On

Netflix delighted the fans with the release of “The Harder They Fall” on November 3, and the release has meant no free time for the cast. The 2018 People’s Sexiest Man Alive has given a powerful performance in the movie. But NetflixGeeked tweeted a video where Idris Elba talked about his childhood.

The superhero influence on Idris Elba

The first superhero that Idris geeked over was the blond Flash Gordon. The actor was so in awe of the superhero that his mom got him a bedroom set of the cartoon. Once Idris was in the bed, he couldn’t wait to snuggle with his Flash Gordon pillow, and he covered even his schoolbooks with drawings of the blond alpha-male.

We can only imagine Idris fanboying over Flash Gordon, just like we go head over heels when Luther arrests a criminal.

Idris moved over from Flash Gordon to a popular Marvel superhero, the Spider-Man. The actor convinced his mom to allow him to go to an afternoon show of Spider-Man. We should all thank his mom for her decision because the movie led to Idris deciding to become an actor. Also, fans can hope that Idris might play the on-screen Spider-Man one day, given his love for the superhero.

Newer interests

Elba’s obsession with Spider-Man started at nine, and he shifted to making go-karts. Unlike his previous interests, Idris can enjoy this one anytime with the electric go-karts he has in his garden. The Wire actor even broke the land speed record in a Bentley GT Speed because of his love for go-karts.

Idris Elba is truly a man of many talents, as he currently enjoys being a DJ. For all the techno heads out there, Idris is thinking of setting a Twitch channel where you could listen to his tunes.

The latest movie

In the Western directed by Jeymes Samuel or The Bullitts, Idris played the role of Rufus Buck; an outlaw who is released from prison with his enemy waiting for revenge. The movie has an ensemble cast comprising all-Black leads. Jay-Z produced this movie, which aims to display the unknown culture of Black cowboys.

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