Fans Suggest Weird Unique Powers They Would Like to See in ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Fans Suggest Weird Unique Powers They Would Like to See in ‘The Umbrella Academy’

The Umbrella Academy has carved out a place for itself separate from all the other superhero shows and movies. It has heart following a bunch of superhero siblings who are battling daddy issues while trying to avert doomsday. Don’t get us wrong, they have really cool powers, but you can’t deny that their powers are also kind of weird. What’s up with Ben’s Eldritch summoning powers?!

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The creators have also done a great job at subverting our expectations. For example, Viktor has the ability to manipulate sound waves and can even use the sound of her heartbeat to cause destruction! Almost all the other siblings have their own unique powers which allow them to create narrative advantages for themselves. However, Redditors still have some suggestions for never before seen abilities. 

Redditors suggest unique superpowers that are weirder than what you have seen on The Umbrella Academy so far

A Redditor wants to see a superhero with the power to manipulate animate objects. He also had two other suggestions – the power of manifestation, and controlling one’s body and mind entirely. 

Since Klaus has psychic abilities, and we have seen them getting an upgrade every season, maybe Klaus can develop the power of manifestation. He already has the ability to take to the dead and resurrect the dead!  Ben from the original timeline was a ghost and he once entered Viktor’s subconsciousness in season 2. Although it isn’t the same as getting into one’s body and controlling them entirely, it still comes close.

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Another wants to see string release power on the show. This reminds us of Ben and his power to shoot out Octopus-like monsters from a portal in his body to attack his enemies. 

AksGovertale’s suggestion of Antimemetic Appearance powers would be really cool addition to the show. 

We don’t think plastic manipulation and 4D powers have ever been done before! 

Reginald Hargreeves would be coming for whoever gets the power of luck manipulation! 

Steve Blackman should really pay some attention to these suggestions! Meanwhile, you should stream season 3 of The Umbrella Academy here. It ends on another cliffhanger! 

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