Fans Show Support for an Old Video of Kanye West After a TikTok of North West Dressed as Ice Spice Goes Viral

Fans Show Support for an Old Video of Kanye West After a TikTok of North West Dressed as Ice Spice Goes Viral

Kanye West is getting support for a resurfaced video about his daughter North West. The ‘Donda’ singer has always been opposed to having his daughter on social media at an early age. While it was considered to be one of his many rants back then, the old video has now gone viral because of the recent activities of his daughter on TikTok.

A Twitter account recently shared an old video where Kanye West is explaining his reasons. The rapper is of the opinion that social media platforms and kids’ channels use his daughter for profit. He also believes that the modern media doesn’t respect the idea of fatherhood. West and his former wife Kim Kardashian had a major difference of opinions on this matter.

North West has a major fan following on TikTok. While she is not of legal age, the account is shared with her mother. They regularly upload videos of dancing, singing, or doing a skit together. One such recent post had the 9-year-old dress up as rapper Ice Spice with the orange wig and makeup to dance to her song. She is a major fan of the ‘In Ha Mood’ singer and they collaborated in a recent video as well.

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This is not the first time that North West has tried on a costume. But this particular look seems to have raised some eyebrows. This is what led to the resurfacing of the old Kanye West video, and fans have their own opinions about it.

Twitter users side with Kanye West 

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may have shared custody of the kids, but they spend the most time with their mother. Since the split, fans of both have been taking their sides on social media, with some agreeing with Ye. One fan stated that the entertainer is trying to save his daughter from the evils of the media while another one remarked how she puts constant posts at such a young age, which benefits these platforms.


There are also those who feel that the videos are made for good fun. Upon previous criticism, the SKIMS owner also clarified keeping a watch to protect her daughter. As for the recent post, there is yet to be a response from any of the entities.

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