Fans Share Their Emotional Investment in ‘Stranger Things’ Characters With the Reasons Behind

Fans Share Their Emotional Investment in ‘Stranger Things’ Characters With the Reasons Behind

When a show is streaming for many years, fans of the show can’t help but get emotionally engaged in the story. And when a show like Stranger Things comes along, with a range of great characters, who all have different arcs and development, fans start to resonate with their stories on a personal level.

And now with all the crazy new updates for season 4 of the hit Netflix supernatural show. Fans are more excited than ever to see what happens to their favorite character from the show. So much that they are debating and discussing it online, resulting in show’s director, Shawn Levy, considering hiring fans for detective work. Reddit provides a platform for fans to discuss the show, and a Reddit user recently evoked a rather emotional question.

Stranger Things characters and people’s opinion

A Reddit user u/Orange2218 recently posted a question on the r/StrangerThings group, asking the members, “In which character are you emotionally invested the most?”

The question has seemed to touch a side of people they always wanted to express. Many people started expressing their opinions on the matter and the public consensus seems to be on Eleven.

Some of the answers were:

  • “Eleven. I never been through what she has but I feel her the most. It’s like understand her deepest fears and wishes and happiness.”
  • “Eleven. Thankfully I have zero similar life experience, but I just really want that kid to have a happy ending. She’s been through more than anyone else in the show and she’s suffered enough.”
  • “Hopper, Will, Mike, Eleven.”
  • “I’ve only had Robin for a season but if anything happened to her I would kill everyone in this subreddit and then myself.”
  • Eleven. <3″
  • “It’s between Will and El because they are both severely traumatized and it doesn’t seem like S4’s gonna help that in any way”

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As we mentioned before, Eleven seems to be a clear winner for all the right reasons. Everyone who has seen the show wants her to have a happy ending after what she has been through.

But we open up the question to you, as well. Which character do you resonate with the most? Let us know in the comments below.

Stranger Things will return for a season 4 volume one on May 27th, only on Netflix.

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