Fans React to ‘Wicked’ Director Jon M Chu Showing “proof” That He Is Not Holding Ariana Grande as Hostage

Fans React to ‘Wicked’ Director Jon M Chu Showing “proof” That He Is Not Holding Ariana Grande as Hostage

Ariana Grande has been all over the place, from creating music to starring in movies. She even took a hiatus from music to focus on her acting career, but recently announced her collaboration with The Weeknd. Clearly, her fans missed her. But Wicked director Jon M. Chu just assured the world of not holding her hostage. What made him give a clarification of this kind?

The director took to Instagram to share the singer’s post wherein she announced dropping down a music piece with The Weeknd. While reposting on his own Instagram, he wrote how he is not to be blamed for taking her hostage since he directed a movie that she leads in. While he was kidding, the director gave sincere wishes to her for her musical achievement.

Meanwhile, the singer had previously shared in TikTok about how she worked long over a remix piece after a long day at movie shoots. The song being remixed is ‘Die For You’ from the Starboy album of 2016. Plus, she was referring to the Wicked movie shoot wherein she plays a witch in the star-studded and much-awaited project.

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Jon M. Chu was quick to make a joke about it while also promoting the movie. But Twitterati was quick to make fun of him over it with some hilarious comments.

How fans extended Jon M. Chu’s joke about Ariana Grande

Jon M. Chu showed his humorous side on social media recently, but the joke did not end there. While he assured of not kidnapping Grande, fans mocked him, claiming that the guilty person is often the one who assures things. One fan commented on how the director wants everyone to get off his back. But if not Grande, one fan feels that Chu is holding the cast of Crazy Rich Asians hostage, as they have not released the second part since the initial release in 2018.


Chu’s success with the movie along with the cast, set, and theme of Wicked is what has kept everyone on their toes. But that came at the cost of keeping the ‘Into You’ singer away from her musical career in between.

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What do you think about Chu’s remark and Grande’s comeback with the collaboration? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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