Fans React Hilariously to Beyoncé Being Chased by a Camel in Dubai

Fans React Hilariously to Beyoncé Being Chased by a Camel in Dubai

Beyoncé is undoubtedly one of the most famous singers in the world. And when normal people get a chance to see her closely, their reaction to this megastar sometimes comes out very hilarious. For example, a few years ago, a photograph of the singer with her husband Jay Z went viral, and there was another woman in the picture who was utterly shocked to see Beyoncé this closely.

The photograph went viral and became a famous meme template. It was used thousands of times by people to express their shock in different situations. Recently, Queen Bey did a concert in Dubai, where afterward a meme started circulating that is attracting quite a reaction from fans on the internet.

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Was Beyoncé really chased by the camel?

The answer to the questions is no. However, a hilarious photograph has been running around Twitter, where an extremely blurry image of a woman and a camel can be seen. After about four long years, this was the first time Beyoncé gave a public concert and she chose Dubai to do so, where her audience was mostly influencers and journalists.

She wore a pretty yellow dress to the concert, which later proved hazardous to the star’s social image. Because right after the concert, an image of a woman being chased by a camel went viral. On top of that, someone posted it with a caption saying, “Beyoncé was chased by a camel after her concert in Dubai last week, TMZ reports.”

But, fans decided to troll the picture instead of believing the news.

Fans celebrate the camel news with hilarious responses

Twitterati being how it is did not buy into the fake news of Beyoncé being chased by a camel. Instead of believing it, they used it as an opportunity to do what they do best: create a meme fest and offer tummy-hurting responses.

The best part of the chaos caused by the picture was that people were pretending it happened for real and were reacting hilariously. Her sudden performance wasn’t a shock just for her fans, but also for those invited to watch it. According to the Guardian, the invitation said, “A weekend where your dreams become your destination.”

The invitation also mentioned that there will be a “once-in-a-lifetime performance.” However, it did not mention the artist, and that became a real overwhelming surprise for the guests.

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Did you believe that a camel chased Beyoncé? Share your reaction with us in the comments.

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