Fans Pour in Congratulations for ‘Cocaine Bear’ as Elizabeth Banks and the Mysterious Bear Arrive at Oscars Stage for Award Giving

Fans Pour in Congratulations for ‘Cocaine Bear’ as Elizabeth Banks and the Mysterious Bear Arrive at Oscars Stage for Award Giving

And it’s a wrap! The most awaited star-studded event in Hollywood has finally come to an end with hoards of laughter and heartfelt tears taking the audience through an emotional rollercoaster with every award sweep. Nonetheless, there was plenty of fun and frolic to lighten the mood and some special guests like the Cocaine bear at the Oscars even made us go real high than expected. 

As it had to be, the B-Horror Box office Hit, Cocaine Bear directed by Elizabeth Banks, made it to the Oscars, not for a win but at least with the mysterious appearance. Nobody is still clear who exactly was under the suit, but fans are having their own time with the hilarious guesses and reactions. 

While presenting the Best Visual Effects for the Oscars 95, Banks was accompanied by the legendary Cocaine Bear, which was one of the major highlights of the event. Battling a severe cold at the award night, Banks still managed to pull off a good lot of jokes on the difference between real and visual effects

The Navi are not real but apparently, Tom Cruise flying around is real, explained the director of the movie hilariously. “Without visual effects, Cocaine Bear would have been some actor in a bear suit probably on Cocaine,” joked the star. Meanwhile, the official Twitter account of the movie celebrated its own Oscar moment with the caption, “we made it, mom!” and fans were quick in pouring in their reactions. 

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Fans congratulate Cocaine Bear as it gets into the Oscars 

While the majority of the fans in the bird app were left wondering about who was the person in the bear costume, others continued hilariously congratulating the bear on its tweet. Users kept taking their wild shots with the guesses with meanwhile others playing along the bear in the comments section. 

Some even poked fun at Bank’s sore throat, saying it was the bear who slipped in some cocaine for its director.

You would burst into touches of laughter to know that the guesses ranged from Matt Damon (who is now even more suspicious after Kimmel’s apology bit), Jessica Chastain, and Adam Driver to even stars like Brad Pitt. Later in the night, the Cocaine Bear was also seen fooling around with another prominent persona at the event, Child Activist, Malala Yusufzai with Kimmel trying to ward it off. 

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