Fans Lose Their Mind as Dwayne Johnson Meets Adele for the First Time at Grammys

Fans Lose Their Mind as Dwayne Johnson Meets Adele for the First Time at Grammys

The thing that really makes fans go crazy about Grammy evenings is the memories that our favorite celebrities leave us with. And this year, the award function came with even bigger and jaw-dropping surprises. We finally got the moment we have been waiting for for the last six years. Yes, you are thinking it right! Adele, 34, returned to the red carpet for this music festival with a full blast.

Many people might be excited to see some glimpses of the Oscar winner over the internet decked up exquisitely for the event. And it wasn’t only us who swooned over the ‘Hello’ singer that night, but also Dwayne Johnson. Now the internet is melting down, looking at these two have the most amazing meet cute.

Dwayne Johnson surprised Adele at the Grammys  

The latest photos and videos circulated on social media from the 2023 Grammy Awards have left fans crazy. The Rock, who has been a big fan of Adele all these years, finally met the musician. This iconic moment took place when Trevor Noah approached the 34-year-old star with a surprise.

The host introduced Adele to the man whom she has been waiting to meet for a long time. “And I don’t have Dwayne Johnson here tonight, but I do have someone called The Rock,” announced Noah. And just like that, the pair was able to meet for the first time.

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Fans in a frenzy over the meetup

Now, the video of the 50-year-old superstar nervously hugging her is going viral on the internet. Fans are reacting to this cute first meeting between two superstars who are fans of each other.

Responding to this beautiful moment, one fan posted on Twitter: the rock said he’d get starstruck by Adele 😭😭.”

Second fan shared: “The Rock has confirmed he is basically here just for Bey and Adele tonight. Once again, he snatches another piece of my heart. #GRAMMYs” 

“You two made this event one of the best I’ve ever seen with your presence alone,” stated a third fan. 

Another added: his was the most wholesome interaction between you and Adele💜” 

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