Fans Left Shattered as Netflix Lacks Icarly Seasons Where One Direction Appeared on the Show

Fans Left Shattered as Netflix Lacks Icarly Seasons Where One Direction Appeared on the Show

One direction’s 12 years anniversary is here and yes we’re already heartbroken and overwhelmed as you all are. I mean, if only they saw what we can see, they’ll understand why we want them so desperately. 23rd of July must be like any other usual day for others but for One Direction stans, it’s complete emotional damage. The entire world is crying and grooving to their best songs ever and hyperventilating altogether in unison and we stand with you too. And as if the anniversary alone wasn’t too much to handle, Netflix brings in a more devastating blow for fans. Here’s what it was.

Fans show resentment over Netflix’s incomplete broadcast

On days when fans would do anything to feel just a little less distant from their all-time favourite band, all they need is a full dose of nostalgia from anywhere that’s possible. And what’s better than binge watching Nickelodeon’s iGo One Direction episodes to celebrate this occasion being all comfy and cosy at home sipping coffee and tacos.

But fans are left shattered for some reason and haven’t been happy about iCarly being aired on Netflix. The American streaming giant decided to add iCarly for its viewers last year. Fans couldn’t help being all overjoyed until they found out their favorite season having 1D wasn’t added and Netflix hasn’t fixed it yet. The 1D members come around the sixth season of the show but Netflix just has the first two which is also understandable because of licensing agreement with the show. Since the entirety of the iCarly isn’t available for syndication to Netflix, it cannot broadcast them all even if it wanted to.

Twitter reflects the disappointment among One Direction Fans upon the anniversary

With the anniversary around the corner, fans obviously had plans to take a trip down memory lane to reminisce about their all-time favourite One Direction episodes of the American sitcom but we’re as shocked to see none as you are. Some of them took to Twitter and expressed their disappointment over the same.

A fan tweeted his “beef” with Netflix for not streaming the entire show, giving into the disappointment.

But anyway, if not Netflix, y’all need not worry since paramount’s new streaming platform, Paramount+ has the entire show awaiting fans to binge-watch all its episodes.

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Apart from that, rumors are also in the air that the show might drop a reboot series exclusively on Paramount+. Still, before that, fans would instead want to enjoy watching all seasons especially the sixth, as a tribute and celebrate the One Direction Anniversary to its fullest.

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