Fans Left Divided as a Gay Drama Featuring Jacob Elordi and Diego Calva as Lovers is Announced

Fans Left Divided as a Gay Drama Featuring Jacob Elordi and Diego Calva as Lovers is Announced

Jacob Elordi and Diego Calva to play lovers? Representation of different kinds of love on the main screen has certainly added to the inclusiveness, although they can also be the reason for debates. Movies like Brokeback Mountain, Labyrinth of Passion, Edge of Seventeen, Moonlight, Rocketmoney, etc. are some of the most known LGBTQIA+ films.

Now, Diego Calva says he and Jacob Elordi will be seen as lovers in their next romantic flick. As per him, the movie is set to have some steamy scenes between the two, assuring visual entertainment to their fans. But while this new role comes as a happy challenge for the two, not all fans are on-board with this. Just like stories about people of color should be played by them, some fans think that gay actors should be given a chance to play characters.

A lot of these flicks touch upon sensitive topics of coming out, to the societal acceptance of gay people. Fans feel that only a gay character can understand the importance of playing in the lead. There has been an increasing feeling of exploiting the community for movie plots. While there are also those who are more than happy to see their two favorite actors have a steamy on-screen chemistry.

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When PopCrave posted about the upcoming movie on Twitter, it left the comments section split over this debate.

What was the first reaction of fans over Jacob Elordi and Diego Calva playing lovers?

While LGBTQ movies are much celebrated, the lack of inclusiveness during the making of the movie often sparks issues. There were fans who wondered why the crew could not find gay actors to play these roles. They want more actors in the LGBTQ community to get representation. On the other hand, there are those who do not agree with this narrative. They feel that any skilled actor should be allowed to do any role as long as they do justice to it.

A few fans of Jacob Elordi also joked about his Euphoria character Nate Jacobs finally coming out through this movie. It will be an adaption of the On Swift Horses book by Shannon Pufahl and comparisons with Brokeback Mountain are also being made.

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So you think agree with fans about casting gay actors or are you excited to see these two play a couple? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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