Fans in Splits After Andrew Schulz Reveals That the Kiss Between Jonah Hill and Lauren London on ‘You People’ Was a Work of CGI

Fans in Splits After Andrew Schulz Reveals That the Kiss Between Jonah Hill and Lauren London on ‘You People’ Was a Work of CGI

Andrew Schulz just dropped an insight into the behind-the-scenes of Jonah Hill starrer You People. The flick comes as an addition to the OTT’s romantic comedies that were released in January of this year. Now while action or fantasy movies often use CGI to give special effects to movies, this rom-com used CGI for a rather unique reason.

Along with Schulz and Hill, the Kenya Barris movie stars Lauren London and Eddie Murphy. But instead of making a buzz for its story, actors, or direction, it is trending for an unexpected reason. People are mocking it for their use of special effects for a kissing scene. In an interview, the New York-based comedian who was present at the shot explained how it all happened.

Twitterati reacts over claims that Jonah Hill’s kiss in You People was actually fake

Netflix’s latest movie You People is trending on Twitter again, but for a rather hilarious reason. Comedian and actor Andrew Schulz appeared on the Brilliant Idiots podcast wherein he spoke of his experience working in the OTT’s original rom-com, You People. He explained how in the flick’s last scene, the main actor’s Jonah Hill and Lauren London do not even kiss.

Being on the movie set, he revealed that the two came close, and the scene was cut, but the actual movie shows them kissing. Fans did not spare them and laughed over the fact that CGI was used for a simple kissing scene.

One commentator joked about CGI and said that this is how kisses happen in dreams. Another one commented on how the actors seemed like they were at gunpoint. There were those who sympathized with Hill and even appreciated his role. But while that kiss may have been a work of CGI, the movie has a scene where they share a peck.

A look into how You People film fared amongst fans

Netflix’s You People got average to below-average ratings despite having a strong list of cast members. Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb gave it a rating of 45% and 5.5/10, respectively. While the lead characters were strong, the lack of chemistry as lovers became apparent. So far, the on-screen couple has not explained the reason behind the use of CGI.

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What do you think the reason behind using CGI for the kiss in You People could be? Comment your thoughts.

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